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Day 7

Pages 91-103 (including “interlude," through "Or was she of this earth, earthy?")

July 29, 2020 by Elizabeth McCracken

I myself climbed the Pilgrim Monument every day for a while as a form of contemplation in the early 90s. I’m not so good or thoughtful as Lou, but it’s an excellent monument. —Elizabeth

Dillard likes asides, & on page 93, there’s a killer: “as it happened, while she was washing around Deary’s deepest and most noisome bedsore.” Another startling jump forward. —Elizabeth

The description of how Pete thinks, which tries to both anatomize and embody his thought process, is difficult and thrilling. It’s not just virtuosity of language, but tied completely to both character & plot. —Elizabeth

Here’s an interlude. From what? Where do we resume? I do not know. The book has a nominal exoskeleton that confounds me, frankly. —Elizabeth

Who among us has not felt this way? & regard that adverb, which changes everything. There’s a whole biography in that “probably.” —Elizabeth

“He had chosen his own disgrace. He would probably do it again.”

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