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Mysteries of Yesteryear

It actually wasn’t that hard to invoke spirits around a table. They were everywhere.

No. 30 • Joan Perucho



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The Monkey in the Whirlpool

That was the end of the dream. And then the man covered his face and began to cry, because he was reminded of his dead father, who once told him he had a gift.

No. 28 • Selva Almada



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The Travelogues of Ahmad Fа̄ris Shidyа̄q

The concept of civilization has acquired such popularity.

No. 27 • Ahmad Fа̄ris Shidyа̄q



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Vale Lutetia

The suburbs of the avant-city appeared to me suddenly speckled with singing colors, papered with charming surprises.

No. 26 • Giorgio de Chirico



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Death by Dying

She says I’m always doing bad things, and maybe she’s right, but if I don’t do them I get bored.

No. 25 • Jenn Díaz



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Unfit for the Front Line

The painter in Italy during the First World War.

No. 24 • Giorgio de Chirico



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Time’s Weather

I let myself be carried by my language as if it were endowed with tiny wings.

No. 23 • Friederike Mayröcker



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The Book of Petitions

Who will find lost time / who will tie it to the foot of the bed.

No. 23 • Vénus Khoury-Ghata



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While Villagrán waited on the other side of the curtain for her to get undressed, he began to hope that there was something truly unusual wrong.

No. 22 • Andrea Maturana



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Sometimes I ask myself: How many swimming pools have I encountered throughout my life?

No. 01 • Yoko Ogawa



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My Brother Walter

My brother Walter is depressed.

No. 10 • Samanta Schweblin