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Day 11

Pages 153-171 (through "Do you believe it?")

August 2, 2020 by Elizabeth McCracken

Lovely to see a mention of Mary Heaton Vorse here, author of Time and the Town, which could be the title for this book, too. Her house in Provincetown has just been turned into an art center. —Elizabeth

From a 1942 NYTimes article: “WHEN Mary Heaton Vorse had lived for thirty-five years in Provincetown a village neighbor said, ‘We've gotten to think of you as one of us.’ And she could appreciate the compliment of that acceptance, after long novitiate.”

(“After long novitiate” strikes me as a Maytreesian phrase. —Elizabeth)

Maytree, walking to the shack, thinks of the dog as otherworldly, when it is an ambassador from the actual world—to Maytree ‘otherworldly’ means something Maytree himself has not thought up. Such tension in this walk, because we know who he is walking to, & she herself is innocent. —Elizabeth

The reunion of The Maytrees, of who at least I initially believed were the eponymous Maytrees, is quiet & fraught & funny. Lord love a duck! —Elizabeth

“—Maytree, she started again, and smiled. Good to see you. He was the one who used to overdo things.”

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