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Day 3

Pages 31-43 (through "Maytree was tall, and Sooner was strong as Babe Ruth.")

July 25, 2020 by Elizabeth McCracken

Dillard knows you know the antecedents to these pronouns. —Elizabeth

“After they married she learned to feel their skin as double-sided. They felt a pause.”

This whole small chapter, after their marriage, is so full of oddity & love. I don’t know what Dillard thinks about scene, except that it’s idiosyncratic, but this is immediate & intimate. —Elizabeth

Also, Dillard loves beds. Anyone who lives in a seaside town is preoccupied with sleeping arrangements: carnal beds, spare beds, sick beds, cribs & cots. “Where will that person sleep?” is one of the most pressing questions in human life. —Elizabeth

I love Maytree’s packing list for his shack: Yeats, nails, hardboiled eggs, Lawrence, &c. —Elizabeth

The images that characters themselves think up tell us things about the characters they might rather have kept secret. —Elizabeth

“Her felt he saw through Lou’s eyes as an Aztec priest, having flayed an enemy, donned the skin. Or somewhat less so.”

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