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Day 6

pp. 88-107 (through “…but perhaps he’ll write to you one day. Lucrezia")

January 10, 2021 by A Public Space

“He went to America in order to hide himself away under his brother’s wings. But brothers don’t have wings.”
Clear-eyed Albina! Lucrezia seeks Giuseppe's protection in her love affair with him. Albina, once in love with Giuseppe too, has no such illusion.

"It’s not as if death were something meritorious. It comes to everyone sooner or later.”
Death is never mundane, yet what a quintessential Ginzburg character Albina is, as unsentimental as Ginzburg.

“My brother loved her, and as it’s turned out, she is the only thing of his I still have.”
An understatement of a fraught triangle. One would hate to parse the sentence, for fear of losing the various facets and disturbing the muddled beauty.

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