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Day 1

pp. 1-20 (through “We will see one another next Saturday. I’ll bring Ignazio Fegiz. Egisto”)

January 5, 2021 by A Public Space

In the first twenty pages two apartments are sold. Real estate transactions are never simple changes of ownership. Roberta asks Giuseppe: “What will you do if one fine day you decide to come back?” Giuseppe is not alone in his blunder. Ask Lear.

“He was a quiet, biddable, docile child and didn’t cause any bother.”
A footnote to Chekhov’s pistol theory: children called biddable in Part I will make or become wreckage in Part III.

In this epistolary novel, characters write letters long and short to one another. Still, there are many unsent letters, which become a refrain. The first unsent letter: Aunt Bice’s letter to Alberico is not yet posted when she dies.

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