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Day 11

pp. 192-211 (through “Send me your news. Giuseppe”)

January 15, 2021 by A Public Space

Roberta writing about Ignazio Fegiz: “He’s one of those people it’s impossible to hate when you actually see them.”Seeing is believing. Can't decide if Roberta is generous, or one's disbelief comes from not seeing I.F but only reading about him.

“Everyone says to me: Pull yourself together. You already have lots of children. I know, but I want this one too.”
One of the most astonishing and sympathetic Lucrezia moments. That "I know, but I want..." statement easily grants her a place in Shakespeare.

Giuseppe has a lot to say to his step-daughter, as he has a lot to write about to Lucrezia, but not much to his brother, his son, and his brother's wife who is his wife now. Perhaps for some, the only meaningful people are those chosen as the special audience.

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