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Day 8

Part II, Chapters 6-8

February 25, 2022 by Dorthe Nors

Freed from Carl she’s however still not freed from addiction. She’s also still addicted to men with a demonic vitality. Tove once said about her childhood dreams: “I wanted to be a widow and a writer.” She only succeeded in writing.

Tove was not treated very well by the male avantgardist, modernist literature movements in Denmark. But women loved reading her poetry, her stories, her novels: She described female life way ahead of her time.

I have this photo in my office. She took her own life in 1976, 58 years old. How I wish she had lived to experience the acknowledgement she gets wordwide right now. Here’s to you, Tove! (Tove with cigarette. Photo credit: Nordfoto.)

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