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Bootcamp with Myla Goldberg


November 13 - December 11, 7PM - 9PM A Public Space, 323 Dean Street, Brooklyn, New York 11217

Join Myla Goldberg, the author of Bee Season, in a 4-week class for writing and brainstorming. The class is not a workshop; instead it is designed for both aspiring writers who are just getting started and for practicing writers who want to recharge their creative batteries. Each class will be split between guided writing exercises, discussions of published stories from the perspective of craft, and creative problem solving discussions. Get a handle on voice, character, pacing and how to generate ideas when you're feeling stumped. Writers of all levels are welcome. The class will be held on Thursday evenings from 7pm - 9pm on November 13th, November 20th, December 4th and December 11th. Enrollment is $400, contact for more information.

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