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#APStogether | Natalia Ginzburg


1/1/2021 Virtual Book Club

Read The City and the House with #APStogether, our series of virtual book clubs. Details about how #APStogether works can be found here. Read A Public Space's daily posts, and comments from our fellow readers, on our Twitter and Instagram accounts.

The City and the House is a tale of two continents, with several cities and many houses that serve as provisional homes to the characters—all of them becoming unmoored despite their wishes to stay rooted. An epistolary novel written with Natalia Ginzburg's dry wit, The City and the House turns physical dramas into detached narratives in letters that leave a permanent impression, even a permanent wound, on the reader.

Reading Schedule
Day 1 (January 5) | pp. 1-20 (through “We will see one another next Saturday. I’ll bring Ignazio Fegiz. Egisto”)

Day 2 (January 6) | pp. 21-38 (through “…their system has broken down. Egisto”)

Day 3 (January 7) | pp. 39-57 (through “And this made me very upset and worried. Giuseppe”)

Day 4 (January 8) | pp. 58-70 (through “…we are just piling up pointless details. Giuseppe”)

Day 5 (January 9) | pp. 71-87 (through “I shall come to collect the keys. Alberico”)

Day 6 (January 10) | pp. 88-107 (through “…but perhaps he’ll write to you one day. Lucrezia")

Day 7 (January 11) | pp. 108-130 (through “Let me know if you are still sleeping in the room with the bear-cubs. Lucrezia”)

Day 8 (January 12) | pp 131-150 (through “You’ll meet Anais. Egisto”)

Day 9 (January 13) | pp. 151-170 (through “…to find reassuring thoughts that will make me sleep. Yours, Lucrezia”)

Day 10 (January 14) | pp. 171-191 (through “…in which your future is fated and all mapped out for you. Egisto.”)

Day 11 (January 15) | pp. 192-211 (through “Send me your news. Giuseppe”)

Day 12 (January 16) | pp. 212-228 (through “I buy black underpants so that I won’t have to wash them so often.”)

Day 13 (January 17) | pp. 229-247 (through “with love from your father.”)

Day 14 (January 18) | pp. 248-265 (through “…and anyway she doesn’t like children. Yours, Giuseppe)

Day 15 (January 19) | pp. 266-285 (through “With love and wishes from Alberico”)

Day 16 (January 20) | pp. 286-303 (end)

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